We’ll be Closed 7th & 8th Aug for our Stag Weekend…


Just a quick update for everyone! We will be CLOSED next weekend,

**Friday 7th August 2015
**Saturday 8th August 2015

Closed as normal
**Sunday 10th August 2015
**Monday 11th August 2015

**Tuesday 12th August 2015

We are closed for our Joint Stag Do! and also our first little mini break since we opened the store almost a year ago!

We will have no access to messages or mails at all during this period of closure, due to no internet and poor phone signal where we are going. So we would stress that any urgent enquiries are in next week before close of business on Thursday. We often work out of hours in the evenings and weekends from home but this will not be the case next weekend as no replies will be possible until Tuesday when we re-open.

Thanks very much

Ryan & Patrick

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