The Wedding Journal 2016

The car was scraping off the ground it was so overloaded when we left for Belfast on Thursday, nothing but shelves and signs, leaflets and invites! This was going to be a great weekend!

The rain wasn’t taking time to fall but it didn’t dampen our spirits! We were prepping for the biggest fayre we ever attended! We pulled up to the Titanic Exhibition Centre, and met with Anne & Ruth from, extremely good friends of ours who we work in partnership with as we were sharing a larger stand for the weekend!

Then came the fun part! UNLOADING! surprisingly this didn’t take too long, but it was the following setup that took the time, laying out invites, arranging everything so that it was just so! We got to show off our brand new sign and branding which we had spent the Christmas holidays perfecting. The Sweetheart girls, had a lot to lay out and arrange, their attention to detail is incredible. Every tea light, flower, frame and cute little detail is carefully pre-planned to give that organised chaos look, that really sells the vintage, rustic theme! They had recently launched their new look website, and we were all busy bees making sure it was running well, ready for the show ahead!


With setup completed it was off home to charge 8 iPads, make lanyards, organise leaflets etc, as the prep never stopped! At the fayre was myself and Patrick, Anne & Ruth from Sweetheart, and also our little promotional team, featuring Evie, Leanne & Judith. We were ready and raring to go!

Friday came, day one of the fayre! Nerves were kicking in, but these were quickly dispelled as the crowds began and the throats got worse lol!


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After a great first day we were all shattered! So it was a nice rest night!

Day 2 Saturday! The big one! it was bedlam from start to finish, but such a buzz, so many lovely couples called past! and we had such a laugh!

That night we all went out for a fab team dinner for a nice break! Before we closed off the weekend with the Sunday run!!!

Sunday started as it went on, people queued right up to the door! This was by far the most insane day of the whole thing! It never stopped from start to finish! The Fayre was such a laugh and we received so many compliments on our stand and our work! It truely was a pleasure to chat to everyone, and thank you to the tonnes of people who ordered with us at the fayre! Also we just want to take a few seconds to thank everyone who has messaged and emailed to compliment our stand and our presence at the fayre, we love what we do, and for people to go out of their way to let us know was so appreciated!

A fantastic weekend, its just a pity its over, but there will be plenty more to come!

Now we are working hard to get back to everyone who has messaged! lol

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