The Ryan Patrick Wedding! Part 1!

So where to begin, a lot of people thought this would be an easy process…

“You guys work in the industry”

“Sure you will be able to do most of it yourself!”

Unfortunately this only increased the panic in Patrick & me. True we could complete a lot for our own big day but the pressure was on!

Where to start?


Venue, our local and surrounding area is filled with some stunningly gorgeous venues, all of which could have happily catered for our wedding, however we both come from large families and this was sending the guest numbers crazy! So in a total flip we decided to adopt the popular trend of opting for a smaller more intimate wedding.

Patrick had attending University in Glasgow, and always raved about the city, and I also have been there a large number of times myself and love it, the people, architecture and just the general atmosphere, so we began doing a bit of research into venues in the city.

We wanted a really classy feel to our wedding, as we aren’t a traditional couple we didn’t want a traditional wedding. We wanted a sophisticated event which would make an impact on our guests! However both being huge fans of the 1920’s era we wanted to take inspiration from that era, but not a “Gatsby” themed wedding but taking little hints from the styling.

We decided to go for The Corinthian Club, an absolutely stunning building right in the heart of Glasgow, with the perfect mix of both old and new décor making it completely unique in our hunt for the perfect venue!
Ryan & Patrick 417Ryan & Patrick 430


The venue itself didn’t need any real enhancement, the room we were for using was called “The Flying Scotsman” This would be the room, if you can call it that, that would later hold our ceremony and reception. A gorgeous setting, surrounded with magnificent original columns and features, overlooked by what would become our own private mezzanine bar, where guests could relax and have a few glasses of champagne after the ceremony, before returning to the main floor to enjoy their dinner and evening reception.

Ryan & Patrick 688







Pauper to Prince!  Now it was time to sort the wedding party!

Ryan & Patrick 152

Introducing the Girls!

Leanne, my sister who currently works here at Ryan Patrick Design, Ailish, Patrick’s sister, currently studying photography at University, Natalie, Patrick’s youngest sister who’s still in school and Stephanie, a very close personal friend of ours who has been very involved in the business.

 Ryan & Patrick 540

Bring on the Boys!

Stephen, my brother and also my best man, currently living in Dublin, Kevin, a great friend, Daniel, Patrick’s best man and a great friend of ours and Jordan another close friend.

Ryan & Patrick 252

So that left us with a wedding party of 10 including us!

How do we dress these guys?

Going back to the classy sophisticated theme, we wanted to have everyone quite simple looking, nothing too over the top, but also to look natural. For the boys we wanted them sharp, an indigo blue suit, with white accents in the pockets, and to add a little bit of quirk a polka dot tie! This worked fantastically well, and then finished off with some gorgeous leather tan brogues.

Ryan & Patrick 146

The girls are all quite petite, and were quite often referred to as “little dolls” playing on this we opted for lighter coloured dresses, bringing in our signature colour of Gold. They were dressed in gorgeous little lace embellished knee length dresses. They had a beautiful, almost sparkly quality to them, and when finished with some gold diamante strappy heels the girls looked fantastic!

For their hair we wanted simple and natural, sweeping to the one side in light curls, this all carried the simple natural theme through the wedding, and they became our mini brides for the day.

Ryan & Patrick 158Ryan & Patrick 159

Groom Time!

We opted to keep all the suits the same, so we ourselves wore the indigo blue suits, but to add something a little different, a bit of groom identification, we opted for polka dot bow ties, classy, quirky and it all worked fantastically.

Ryan & Patrick 187


The girls were finished off with a tiny little nude clutch purses, simple gold droplet earrings, and a lovely lace wrapped lily bouquet to add a more modern twist on their wedding flowers (which we made ourselves)

For the boys as mentioned already a white pocket square, which really “popped” against the vibrant colour of the suits, and little feather buttonholes, created here at Ryan Patrick Design these incorporated old style keys, gold wire to tie in with the girls and lovely spotted feathers of different varieties to add a bit of interest and height.

12232832_1097309036948082_651700521325649470_o 12244577_1097309090281410_6056054502196949194_o


We couldn’t believe the attendance to our wedding, especially since it involved a bit of travel, with over 70 guests we wanted a little personal thank you for each and every one of them! So of course, we opted for completely individual guest gift bags, for everyone! Each black patent bag was personalised with the guests name and held a CD with music from the wedding, styled in our theme, the cheeky little bag of sweets, and a little keepsake keying, we also wrote an individual message for each guest, thanking them personally and recalling a funny time or situation we had found ourselves with them in. Then came the hard part, the different gift for each guest! To give examples, Nuala, who used to work with us, never sits still, to the point where she is now, referred to as Spiderman… hence Spiderman gloves! Also she always called herself our little minion, so obviously, a minion’s dinner set lol. Her sister Stacey McLaughlin (Our hairstylist) got a little unicorn… her hen party featured a little unicorn as a mascot, and Stacey was pregnant at the Wedding so the new baby needed a mascot waiting too! lol My aunt Vera, had a very funny story about thinking she was going blind by accidentally putting on her sunglasses at night as opposed to her normal glasses, a story that has left the family in hysterics for years… so obviously the “I wear my sunglasses at night shirt.” For Anne, Nuala’s mum, we opted for little personalised Lego Figures of Patrick & I, we had fantastic night with Anne and her family where quite randomly we all ended up playing with Lego. So I think you get the gist… everyone’s gift meant something to both them and us! And it went down a treat!

12294616_1097309156948070_2138740404325149325_n 12304144_1097309176948068_7306971339859635457_o 12265977_1097309163614736_3561187466666373114_o 12248069_1097309173614735_8315015013197563946_o 12246914_1097309100281409_1776084570639922105_n

So that’s the end of Part 1… Part 2 coming next week!

All photos are credited to the extremely talented


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