Something old…

Vintage, a word that’s often thrown at us by our couples! What is vintage?

So the Oxford dictionary describes it as


“Denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind”


I suppose this is exactly what it is, its taking inspiration from past designs, trends and giving them a new lease of life in the 21st century.

Regarding invites etc, vintage comes in all varieties.


“Shabby Chic” we often hear this term a lot, what I would best describe it as is organized chaos. So essentially as much pattern, lace, twine etc as possible but carefully laid out to complement the overall design.


A lot of the time we get asked for vintage and the couple describes they would love lace on their stationery.  Lace has very strong notions to the past (thinking of my grannys table cloth) but when used in the right way it can give a real feel of class. The intricate patterns and subtle motifs used can be gorgeous, and a lot more noticeable on a piece of stationery as opposed to getting lost in a dress.


Vintage means lots of different things to lots of different people; The Great Gatsby has inspired a whole new trend of 1920’s vintage. I time period I’m very fond of myself. This opulent point in history is topped with extravagance. The use of peacock feathers, gold, diamonds, class and sophistication are perfectly dictated in the film and they really sum up this era.  Transferring this kind of look to your stationery is fantastic and really creates the feeling of class.


I suppose today’s use of bold and bright colours, funky fonts etc will be “so vintage” someday. Our children and our children’s children will look back and say “what were they thinking” as we often do as 80’s babies, looking through photographs from our childhoods and wondering, “what were our parents thinking.” I remember a lot of knitted jumpers, bowl haircuts and denim, which I suppose is making a comeback.


So I’ll leave you on this note, we can learn a lot from days gone by and from a design perspective its about taking inspiration and bringing it up to date, so anyone reading this who wants to go vintage, I would suggest do a good bit of ground work so we can help you get it just right.

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