“My wedding isn’t till 2018, that’s ages away!” New Year Wedding Planning!

We all love Christmas, the run up is so exciting, stressful! but exciting! However what is it like when you are also have a lot of wedding planning to do! We know all too well how stressful it can be for our clients, trying to juggle their busy lives, increased pressure at Christmas and then the big day also! So usually the big pause button gets pushed at Christmas, and once the New Year is over its full steam ahead!

We know this all too well, as the messages, and mails begin to trickle in as we all lay stuffed on boxing day after 2 solid days of food and drink! January is an extremely busy month for wedding business’s ourselves included, we get the largest % of our years booking during that month!

The turn of the year seems to set off the panic lol! Its easy to spend all of 2017 saying…

“My wedding isn’t till 2018, sure that’s ages away!”

… however, once the midnight kisses are done… it suddenly dawns on couples, oh dear! its this year! ITS THIS YEAR!

Don’t worry, we are here to help!

So lets break it down for you!

For your invitations, we aim to hand them to you complete and ready to post at 10 weeks! The average send out time is 6-8 weeks, but as everything is made by hand at Ryan Patrick Design, we like to allow a few weeks side time, incase it takes a little longer lol!

We print all your guest names into the invites, and also print the addresses on your envelopes, so they are ready to post! we need all this information at 16 weeks before the wedding. This allows us time to digitally proof the invites with you, make all the necessary tweeks needed and finalise colours layouts and the final sample, so that you are 100% happy for us to get creating!

So as you can see that eats well into the year, and we book up well in advance, and we like to get a rough design created with you upon first contact! So definitely no time to delay!

We have a couple of ways to book, if your just not quite ready to start on your stationery, then secure your date with us for £50, then closer to the big day, we can work with you on everything you are wanting us to create, your invitations, order of service, table numbers, place names etc!

Or if your ready to go, we can get going straight away! Drop us an enquiry here!

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