How to order wedding stationery from Ryan Patrick Design!

Its so so easy to order with Ryan Patrick Design!

We’ve put together this quick question and answer blog to help!

So when is your wedding?

We have a 4 week turnaround of creating orders… they are usually completed sooner, however we advise everyone to make sure you don’t need your invites for at least 4 weeks when ordering!

When should I order?

The standard time for sending out invitations is 6-8 weeks before the wedding, however we advise timing it so you have them at 10 weeks, it means if you need any last minute extras we can get them done and posted to you in plenty of time!

How do I order?

All our invitations are sold in batches of 10… so make sure when you’re counting up your guests you account for a few extras, we can provide blank invites also to allow you any last minute additions!

So for example… if you have 130 individual guests being invited… this would approximately be halved because of couples so 65, in this instance we would advise ordering 70 invites, or 7 batches in our online store.

Do you print the names and addresses?

Yes we do! Once you place your order one of our friendly team will be in touch with all the documentation and to talk you through your order! We forward you a template to fill all the guest info into, and like the previous example… if you ordered 70 invites and only have 65 names, then we will provide the reminder as blank invites, so all your wording etc, however there will be a line instead of a name!

What about the inside?

You can have whatever wording you want on the inside of the invite, we don’t believe in locking people in to choose a set of wording, we will work with you to design the inside wording etc, everyones families are different so we believe everyones invites should be individual!

I want to make changes to the invites pictured?

This is no problem at all! As above mentioned once the order is placed we will be in touch to discuss changes and alterations to the collection to make it more unique and individual to you!

I don’t like the fonts used?

These are all completely changeable and one of the team will work with you to alter and adjust everything until you are happy!

I need an information slip?

If you need any additions to the invite we will work with you on this separately and proof additional slips etc to make sure the invite fulfils your needs!

What about RSVP’s

All of our collections include an A7 RSVP and envelope so no matter if you have a meal choice etc we will be able to accommodate what you want!

Do I get to see the final invite?

Yes we will proof absolutely everything with you, all inserts, RSVP’s etc before printing, if there are substantial changes to the invitation we will provide you with a sample posted direct with the alterations.

What if I need extras?

If you need extras we will work with you directly to fulfil anything extra needed, theres no need to order these direct from the website.

What way will I receive my order?

Your order will be carefully packed at our head office and popped in the post tracked. Each invite will have the guest name printed, and will also have the corresponding guest envelope with it, saving you time and stress, they are essentially ready to post!

Do you not put them in the envelope?

No we match the invites and the envelopes, however as all of our products are handmade this allows last minute checks by you. Should the rare occasion occur and there is a defect with any of the invitations, we will get the replacements remade and out for next day delivery to you.

We hope this helps, and always feel free to call us for any further help or advice on 028772 78100

We open 10am – 5:30pm Tuesday’s to Saturday’s.

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