Book an appointment in our store!

We are getting through all the wave of enquiries well after our short festive break!!
Thank you so much for all the lovely compliments on our work! It’s so so nice to read!
Lots of messages about booking an appointment or consultation in store! So here’s a brief breakdown on what they are and what happens!
-Saturday appointments book quite far in advance, so get in touch ASAP if you want a Saturday, if you can do a weekday appointment then that’s great and they are much easier to squeeze in!
-Appointments last between 45 minutes and 1hr 30 so leave yourself enough time as there is so much to cover, we don’t like to rush it on you : )
-What do I need to bring? this is asked a lot! nothing really, just yourselves, it definitely helps if you’ve done a little hunt online, to see what kinds of things you like, but don’t worry we have loads on display in store, and we tailor everything to your needs, colours & budgets anyway! A rough idea of numbers of guests your expecting to invite and possibly an idea of all the items of stationery you’d like us to create for you is also great, but don’t worry our designers will be able to help if your not sure!
-What will happen? another one we get asked a lot, they are really informal little appointments but there is a huge amount of information to get through, involving all areas of your wedding! We try and keep everything as easy and stress free as possible, so don’t worry : )
We would always recommend booking an appointment, we do consultations all week in our display studio, so if you just drop in there may be one in progress, so to avoid disappointment get in touch!
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