About Ryan Patrick Design

Let us tell your Lovestory...

Here at RP Design we wanted to bring it back to basics, to provide a personal service, which means you can work with the one person, who guides you through the process from design to creation.

Next we wanted to stand out by being unique, we custom orders in every way possible colour, materials, and price! We also wanted to create fresh, quirky and distinctive designs, that stand out! When someone receives an invitation that we have created, we want them to take a second look!

So off we set on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and our website… and started creating lots of wedding stationery orders for our lovely couples.

One year after we began fulltime on Ryan Patrick Design, we opened the doors to our very own Wedding Boutique. A huge workspace and a lovely shop front plenty of room to work and lots of room to display our work.

With this new Ryan Patrick Design Head Quarters, we were given the chance to expand and offer so much more to our couples, from bouquets, candles, buttonholes, to other lovely decorative accessories! It also gave us so much more space to stock up and store a vast variety of materials. We use only the highest quality of materials, and have went through countless wholesalers testing the quality and integrity of the products, we wanted to create a standard of materials in the business that was second to none. Also by doing this background work we have been able to negotiate the best prices, allowing us to drive the cost of our products down to the lowest we can get them.

It has been an amazing journey to get to this point and there are lots more to come from Ryan Patrick Design!