A Wedding Fayre to remember…

Fayres are an extremely important part of our work and they really give people a chance to get to meet us and ultimately see our work first hand.

We find a lot of people don’t know what really goes on behind the scenes when we are prepping for a wedding Fayre. The work begins quite a few months before a season begins.

We begin by deciding on what the display is going to look like, easier than it sounds. We love to push the boundaries and create something that will really grab the attention of our prospective couples.

When we started out, working under the amazing girls at “Perfect Bliss Wedding Events” we began our displays in a table format. This was much harder than it sounds, how do you make a dull table display inspire couples! We decided to go for a shabby chic look, using levels to be really different, and using a gorgeous heart-shaped unit as a focal point.

We loved this display and it was very successful… but for 2014 things needed to change!

In preparation for the launch of the website and ultimately adding set ranges to our bespoke lines, we created the 2014 collection. These were 16 collections that we absolutely loved, but how to display them in all their glory?

We had often joked wouldn’t it be great if you could put the stationery in its “natural habitat” and had toyed with the idea of a fireplace, and some luxurious lounge chairs sitting around to give the feel of walking in and seeing your invite sitting proudly on the mantle. However we developed this idea and we went for a shelving assembly.

We have got phenomenal feedback on our new stand and we are in love with it.

It consists of 3 large shelving units of multiple levels, which we stained with a vintage blue grey tone and backed in a lovely pale wooden patterned card to give a nice feel. We wanted to make each shelf have its own little theme, using candles and accessories to compliment the ranges and displaying the pricing in lovely ornate photo frames.

At each and every wedding Fayre we assemble and dismantle the display every time tweaking and perfecting it as we go. It also allows for the display to evolve and incorporate more stands and changing up each shelf to create a fresh and funky look.

The Fayres themselves are brilliant and so much fun, though exhausting. We love getting a chance to chat to so many people and we get some absolutely beautiful compliments.

We are now in the week before the Ulster Bride Fayre in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. With an expected footfall of approximately 20,000 people this will be our biggest yet. Preparation is in full swing in the workshop, expanding the ranges and creating little favours and keepsakes for all the couples that speak to us at the Fayre. We are filled with excitement for the weekend and can’t wait to see the stunning building and chat to all the blissful couples organising their big day.


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