A taste of our own medicine…

So in the 16th of May 2013 Patrick and I did the deed and got engaged, oh how we got a shock!

We were thrust into the wonderful world of wedding planning, head first, kicking and screaming. We both come from huge families and a guest list was a terrifying prospect. With so much to organise, it was very clear how so many people get so stressed over planning their big days.

As an avid list maker and budgeter I was straight away writing out all the things we would need to arrange, yet everyday new things were getting added… where does it stop? From venues, food, favours, photographers, videographers, suits, dresses (I could write this list for an hour) it’s just unbelievable how much needs to be sorted. I feel like this is an appropriate point to remind people that we will take a substantial part of this stress away by pre-printing all of your stationery.

After deliberating for quite sometime we decided to have a smaller wedding in Glasgow with close friends and family, and then throw a huge party back here afterwards. We have a really classy style, wanting to opt for a very glamorous theme for our big day. We are still finalising venues etc. but have a tonne of ideas… Pinterest is constantly loaded on our Macbooks.

We will of course keep you posted on how we are getting on… and give any tips and helpful suggestions we find along the way.


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