A day in the Life…

A lot of people ask us what a typical day consists of in the Ryan Patrick Design workshop. So we thought we’d give everyone a little insight as to how we work.

There are several main areas that need to be covered everyday and trust me it’s a lot of work.

A normal day consists of answering mails, messages etc. through our various outlets. As you can imagine this takes quite a while. The thing we love about our work is the informal chats we have with people, we feel it lets both parties get a better impression of each other, and ultimately gives us a better idea of you styles and tastes.

Most days we have consultations with couples also, be these in the office, over messaging or on the phone. These give us a better idea of what kinds of things people are after… which leads us on to the next job.

Sampling, quite a lot of time is spent “sampling” Using notes and messages from the consultations, we get the creative juices flowing and work and rework samples to come up with exactly what you are after, many days it has ended up with tables covered in lace, card, ribbon and diamantes!

Construction days, these are the days when we become a little factory! We get our little production lines going and we begin to construct each and every order by hand. Its pain staking work but upon reading our reviews it makes it all worth while.

Ultimately our days don’t ever really follow an exact structure, as we love to be flexible and stay flexible so that we are able to cater to the differing needs of our different clients.






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