A day in the life of our invite construction manager!

(Ryan) A day in the life of a construction manager, as told by Leanne, my beautiful sister, and amazingly creative & talented team member!

(Leanne)So Ryan has been asking me for months to write him a blog (annoying scale of 1000,) after telling him I haven’t a clue what a blog is he just told me to write a day in the life, to shut me up lol. So here it goes…

Here in RPD there is no typical daily routine for myself, every day is very different. Of course you have your usual morning duties – boring, but sure it has to be done.

I’ve found my strengths within the company are in the making of the invites because I have a good eye for detail. I find I’m very good at keeping up the RP standard (even when you’re constructing invitation number 110 in an order.)  Sometimes it’s great, you get your little orders of maybe 40 invites, but on the flip side you get your orders of 240 so the standard can’t slip even when the order is coming to an end. You have to be on the ball at all the times (this is not a job you can do with a hangover believe me.) Many a times I’ve had to walk away and take a break as it can be very intense but sure if we let any old riff raff fly out the door we wouldn’t have jobs and the brides would be after us.

Because we are a small team I have given myself the title ‘Construction manager’ which oddly enough got used a lot as my chat up line when trying to tame the opposite sex, (my CSR card has been processing for 2 years now lol.) I take a lot of pride in what I do, there’s a thin line of what can and can’t be sent out the door. This is a wedding after all and everything has to be perfect. When you see the clients reaction to their completed invites you really feel like you’ve made an impact and it honestly feels great.  After spending 20 minutes chatting about complete rubbish or giving off about the traffic, we have a brief conversation of what and when things are due then I take myself into the construction room and get the tunes pumping, (usually some kind of weird Spanish music or a musical soundtrack so expect amazing singing if you dare to enter.)

The invite construction can be therapeutic but very challenging, getting handed a stack of maybe 200/300 sheets of card with an order printed on them can be soul destroying at times but the best thing I find about constructing is that it is so rewarding (not to be all cheesy) The ‘feeling’ (please excuse the cringe wording here,) that you get when you tie the finishing ribbon and clients name tag on their box doesn’t ever go away (and I’ve been here almost 3 years.) When you pop the couples finished order out, without realising you will do a ‘sigh of relief’ lol, but don’t worry, you won’t have time to stand and praise yourself you’ll be straight back into the construction room to do it all over again.

We cut everything by hand using a steel ruler and a good old Stanley blade. Yes you heard me, all by hand, and if something is backed on a different coloured card, that doubles the cutting, yep.. Fun! So the main thing I keep stocked up in my tool belt is plasters. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the good old ‘If I had a penny for every time I cut myself or nearly lost a finger.‘ I myself currently hold the record for the most stitches… 6 to be exact. I’m always rocking round with at least 3 plaster between both hands, who needs acrylics – but the most important thing is… DO NOT GET ANY BLOOD ON THE INVITES!!! Lol Somebody is usually shouted from the other room to bring in a plaster while I hold my half hanging off bloody finger over the bin… Just kidding, well a little lol.

One of the things I’m most proud of in my job is that I have developed a cutting technique to make construction faster, now in what other job can you can say that in. Sounds ridiculous but when you’re in the thick of wedding season, it really does help. The guys in the shop have nicknamed me ‘the robot’ because they usually send an order in and turn their back and I have it all cut, ok I’m not that good but if I don’t praise myself who would eh?

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